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Re: #-1 owned a verb!

> Maybe it only happens when things with their player bit still set are 
> recycled?

Hmmm, now you come to mention it...

About a year ago I managed to get my player on Sensemedia Sprawl recycled.  A verb I wrote to quick-recyle objects was used on me by someone else.  A friendly passing Wiz (Thanks Neuro!) un-recycled me and chowned all my objects back to me.  But I found over time that I couldn't change descriptions, etc on some of them.

Closer inspection showed that although the objects had indeed been chowned back to me, the properties were owned by #-1...  I.e. they had been @chown'd not @granted...

So the above suggestion would seem, in my one experience, to make perfect sense.  And at the time Sprawl was on 1.7.8p4...

Hopes this info is illuminating.


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