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   Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 17:52:44 PST
   From: Jacqueline Hamilton <>

   > Stock players shouldn't be able to @chparent themselves, that is a verb
   > left to $builder.  make sure that new players are kids of $player, and not
   > $builder.

   Actually you may need to modify #4:@chparent, because a non-builder can 
   still do something like '@chparent me to #4' and have it work.  At least, 
   this was true on older cores; I've not tested it with a more recent core.

I just looked at LambdaCore @chparent, expecting to see it not let you
use @chparent if player != this (which is the case only if the player
does not have direct access to @chparent, and is having the server
match it on iobj).  However, I didn't see this.  It's quite likely
that this security check should be installed, and I may just do it.
Simply change:

 6:  elseif (this != player && !$object_utils:isa(player, $player))


 6:  elseif (this != player)

Changing the error message to the truth would be a bonus as well.
E.g. player:tell("@chparent not available to your player class.")

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