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Re: Security

>I changed @move to check for owner both in dobj and iobj.
>What about @set me.location?

Try it.  <grin>

>You mean that this can be solved adding set_task_perm at the beginning of
>@rename @set and @edit?
>I want people to be able of changing their objects names and so, but not

As far as I know, the only way for a non-wiz to change his or her name is
through @rename...

but if you want to keep players from using rename on themselves, well,
stick this at the beginning of $player:@rename...

if (dobj == player)
  return player:notify("Sorry, you can't rename yourself...");

>The same problem appears with this verb, again set_task_perm???

yduJ is right, that's a bug in LambdaCORE.  Fix it by sticking this at the
beginning of $builder:@chparent..

if (player != this)
  return player:notify("Sorry...");

>So I have three options I think...
>-Change owner of the players to a wizard (losing mail and so?)
>-Use $server_options    (??????)
>-Edit or remove related verbs, adding ser-task-perm.

$server_options isn't what you want, and niether is changing player
ownership.  It'll just take some coding.  I think that the two fixes I said
above will be enough...

>> >Another one:
>> >Should I change the f bit of #1 to off and propagate to childs?
>> I'm not sure what you mean, but I'd suggest just keeping #1 fertile.
>I wanted to avoid building any but generics to builders, from now...

Okay...  hmm... well... what about programmers?  If you want programmers to
be able to build descendants of #1, then all you have to do is make a verb,
say, #1:is_generic, and have it return 1 if that object is a generic, and 0
if not.  Then, the builder @create and @chparent will first check if that
object's fertile, and then call that object's is_generic() verb to make
sure that it's a generic object.  Making #1 unfertile will also stop
programmers, which may not be what you want.  (If that is what you want,
then go for it)


Version: 2.6.2


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