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Re: documentation

>>What MIGHT be helpful is if all of the MOO documentation were in one 
>>location.  Right now it is spread out all over the net and unless a 
>>person has access to something like altavista or some search engine to 
>>find everything, they are left to ask their question here.  Is there any 
>>chance that someone would be willing to donate part of their resources to 
>>host all of the FAQ's (there are two, neh?), the prog manuals (yes, I 
>>know they are at parc) and perhaps the archives as well and any of the 
>>other things people have put together concerning MOO (for instance the 
>>VERY helpful list of stock core security holes etc)?
>Why not just a web page with links to all of this stuff?

Ummmm, because some people, like me, don't have WWW access?  Dunno.  I
like this idea.

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