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Re: @create problem

At 11:06 PM 3/29/96, Brian E. Murfin is rumored to have typed:

> Sorry to bother the list with this question which is probably pretty
> basic.  I've just installed the latest version of LambdaMOO on a Silicon
> Graphics machine running Irix.  Everything seems to be working ok except
> I can't create any objects.  I get the following error message:
> #90:moveto acceptable (this == #2), line 15:  Invalid indirection
>   ...called from #1:accept (this == #2), line 2
>   ...called from built-in function move()
>   ...called from #4:@create (this == #2), line 41
> Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Same thing happened to me, except I'm running it on a Sparc-Classic/Solaris
2.  The easy fix is to just do a @chmod -d #90:moveto, and supress the
error.  It seems that you have to do that alot to get LambdaCore working.
(Much thanks to Quinn for enlightenment.)


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