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Re: Verbing Properties

>*  Programmers get DIRECT control over who and what accesses their properties,
>   as such, it would not be hard to implement a $lock_utils-like system for
>   access priviledges. 

Ummm, make a verb that returns the value of the prop (which is !r) and
check there.

>*  Properties need not return static values.  For
>   example #0.time  could return time() 

Why?  $time can just as easily be $time() and do the same thing.  And
there's time() :P

>*  Property access could be logged.

Again, using the verb-that-returns idea.

>*  First step in the direction of multiple inheritance in the MOO.  With
>   this patch in place, the properties inheritance system will be 100% 
>   dependent on the verbs inheritance system.  This will halve the problems
>   associated with multiple inheritance.

Just create some sort of :show_prop that shows it if the person has access.

>*  Second, the property modification and retrieval routines will be changed 
>   such that: (Note that perm checking is handled exclusively by the DB)
>   *  '' is replaced by 'foo:_get_bar()'
>   *  ' = quack' is replaced by 'foo:_set_bar(quack)'
>   *  property_info(foo, "bar") is replaced by 
>      foo:_getinfo_bar() (returns {OWNER, PERMS})
>   *  set_property_info(foo, "bar", {OWNER, PERMS}) is replaced by 
>      foo:_setinfo_bar({OWNER, PERMS}).

Why not just call these themselves?

This may seem like a nasty response - but I'm just not sure exactly why
you have to do this.  If you want verbs, use verbs.  If you want props,
use props.  If you want multiple inheritance props that only the
owner/co-owner(s) can see, make them !r with :show whatever verbs pointing
to them, which check for permissions (and possibly log).

Although I see there would be some use to this, I really think that a
system with programmers (and wizzen!) who understand the system and can
program using the right verbs etc is better then taking out the entire
property system.  After all, you'd be preventing use of true properties
for times you REALLY want to use them, and it's just as easy (or even
easier - reprogramming the core to remove props?  I'm pretty sure it would
be a BIG job) to use verbs that tell you the props.

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