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[ Re: bug in #57:@shutdown?]

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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 02:59:12 PST
From: Gustavo Glusman <>
Subject: Re: bug in #57:@shutdown?
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>It seems that line 8 in #57:@shutdown

Well, #57 is $command_utils, and it doesn't define a @shutdown verb.
Blah. Of course I know you meant to say $wiz:@shutdown. Just a reminder -
not all MOO databases are based on the same LambdaCore, ok?
Not to mention that the homologous line in our $wiz:@shutdown is number 18
by now...

>    if (s = match(argstr, "^in +%([0-9]+%) +"))
>has a bug.  Is there any reason for the requirement of trailing
>whitespace, i.e. having to type "@shutdown in 3 " (note the trailing
>whitespace) for the command to work?  If not, line 8 should read

It is best to provide some message to be shown to the users. This
requirement for trailing blankspace probably attempts to enforce that by
making a message-less @shutdown command work differently than expected.
Right, not the best way to do it.

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