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[ Re: dictionary server?]

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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 12:18:04 PST
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Subject: Re: dictionary server?
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At 03:48 AM 3/11/97 PST, Kimberly Bobrow wrote:
>I moo-mailed with someone on Lambda who thought he might be writing
>something to strip the html off one of the web versions, and offerred
>to share it.  If he doesn't end up doing it before too long I'll
>probably do it myself, and I'll be happy to share.  If he does it,
>I'll ask if I (or he can, if he's on here - I don't know his real
>name) can post it here.
>Of course, if anyone finds another webster server, please do post
>about it here!

I wrote the Internet Word Findin' FO (#21412) on LambdaMOO.  I've adapted
it to work with the Merriam-Webster site, but Lambda's lag and their lag
together don't make it very useful on LambdaMOO.  All are free to @dump
#21412@Lambda and use that code to access Merriam-Webster's CGI.  It works
on my MOOs.

The code is pretty crappy.  I slapped it together on a Sunday afternoon.
The HTML "renderer" just breaks at <BR>, converts a few entities (&amp;),
and then strips the rest of the markup.  It also has a very primitive
cache.  I'm working on an improved version elseMOO, where it actually works.

Feel free to drop by Ghostwheel (telnet:// for Scrabble
and word findin', among other things.

- -Quinn
- -
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