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[ MOO server 1.8.0p6 under IRIX 6.2]

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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 13:41:09 PST
From: Eric Mercer <>
Subject: MOO server 1.8.0p6 under IRIX 6.2
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We're trying to get the MOO server version 1.8.0p6 to compile under SGI
IRIX OS 6.2 and seeing lots of problems.  The system's other critical info
is: gcc 2.7.1 (might have been upgraded to gcc, full SGI MIPSPro
7.1 compiler, IDO7.1.  If anyone has gotten any of the MOO 1.8.0 server
versions to compile under IRIX 6.2, we'd really appreciate some hints about
what was needed.

A letter to MOO-Cows from John P. Wilson a year ago had some helpful bits,
but those were still not enough to get the MOO compiled (he was using IRIX
5.2, though).  Cal Sawyer, who is the person compiling it at the Emily Carr
Institute for Art and Design in Vancouver, reported these additional things
which seemed to help:

Change all occurrences of "signal.h" in ANY .c file to "sys/signal.h"
	# SGI has two signal.h - with different sizes in /usr/include and

Wherever my-signal.h is found in ANY .c file, added:

#include "sys/signal.h"
#define sigset_t int

In net_sysv_tcp.c, added:	#include "sys/xti.h"
to fix some missing call (I forget which one now... but it made the
difference.  Perhaps net_proto)

Added '-ansi' to CFLAGS in ''

Everything's great now, right up to 'timers', where the compile bombs,
failing to find SIG_UNBLOCK in sys/signal.h.  It's there - I checked and
double checked. In sys/signal.h I have: 

#define SIG_UNBLOCK     2

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