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[ Re: Fileio and 1.8.0p6]

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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 07:29:30 PST
From: Thomas Wouters <>
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To: Tijmen Ramakers <>
Subject: Re: Fileio and 1.8.0p6
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On Mon, 17 Mar 1997, Tijmen Ramakers wrote:

> extension-fileio.c: In function `file_raise_errno':
> extension-fileio.c:303: `errno' undeclared (first use this function)

The file needs an #include <errno.h> apparently. Either that or you don't
have it on your system -- which would be very odd :) What are you compiling it
on, by the way ? 

> extension-fileio.c: At top level:
> extension-fileio.c:1112: parse error before `st_mode'

hm, this is an odd one... i can't see an error right away. It might be a
silly error like a forgotten closing paretheses or double quote, or it might
be trouble with the 'umode_t' identifier before the 'st_mode' declaration.
I'm not sure though, it depends on your system and whether it has a umode_t
defined in it's standard header files. umode_t is the 'generic' placeholder
for file modes, usually a unsigned short int. 

> extension-fileio.c: In function `file_type_string':
> extension-fileio.c:1113: `st_mode' undeclared (first use this function)

Not odd: st_mode wasn't declared because of the parse error.

> extension-fileio.c: At top level:
> extension-fileio.c:1127: parse error before `st_mode'

Same as 2nd above.

> extension-fileio.c: In function `file_mode_string':
> extension-fileio.c:1131: `st_mode' undeclared (first use this function)

Same as 2nd above. :)

> extension-fileio.c: In function `bf_file_list':
> extension-fileio.c:1345: warning: passing arg 3 of `scandir' from 
> incompatible pointer type

This is another odd one. It would seem you need to put parentheses after
'file_list_select' but I'm not sure. It looks like it is meant as
file_list_select(*dirlist), and dropping the parentheses and argument is just
a quick way of writing, but I haven't seen it before so I'm not sure whether
it's standard or not -- it might be a gcc-ism of some kind (like a hint to
inline the function, because it isn't used anywhere else). My C isn't that
strong (yet ;) though, so it might even be valid and just an oddity in your
compiler. I haven't found any other occurances of the string
'file_list_select' so I think it's safe to change it to a 'true'

Above is all AFAIK, of course :-)

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