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Subject: Presence in MUDS...
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 11:05:11 PST
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I have been notified that my manuscript co-authored with Elizabeth
Towell entitled: "Presence in Text-Based Networked Virtual Environments
or 'MUDS'" has been accepted for publication in the MIT-based journal
"Presence."   Basically, the paper shows that 69% of the people that
were studied, which were from six different groups of MOOers and
totalled over 200 people, felt a sense of "being there" or presence
when they were connected to a MOO. This study corroborates the fine
work of Diane Schiano (Behavior Research Instruments, Methods and
Computers, 1997, 29(2)[In Press]).

I apologize for this shameless promotion but I know there are some
listeners who are involved academically and desiring references to
peer-reviewed MUD-related publications.

I also want to take this time to acknowledge the help I've received
from the moo-cows community.  The following is from the acknowledgments
section of the paper.

The authors thank Pavel Curtis and the MOO-cows community for a lot of
help and a  marvelous MOO-support network, and especially Gustavo
Glusman, founder of BioMOO,  for teaching and sharing his knowledge of


Thanks everybody!

John (aka Watson Crick - BioMOO Wizard) :) 
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