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[ Re: Modifying player properties based entering any command]

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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 23:34:44 PST
From: Jeff Dubrule <>
Subject: Re: Modifying player properties based entering any command
To: MOO-cows wizards list <>
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At 11:07 PM -0800 3/19/97, Christopher Unkel wrote:
>On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Kipp the Kidd wrote:
>> At 05:27 PM 3/19/97 PST, Scott Robinson wrote:
>> >Ok, you will have to set your connection to "binary".
>> >(set_connection_option(player,"binary",1);) and have your :do_command
>> >understand the "binary" representations in-Server (encode_binary,
>> >decode_binary) because your server will error up with a "binary"
>> >connection. I'll send in example code in a bit. =)
>> I don't think Henry was looking for this... he said anything a player types,
>> and players can't "type" binary.  The <CR> is really just enter, which makes
>> $do_command()'s argstr to "".  Also, this eliminates any chances of using
>> default parsing, if do_command wants to use it.  I can't imagine why you
>> would want this done on the main login port.
>Yes, putting an incoming connection into binary mode has unpleasant side
>But if you want the server to respond to empty lines -- that is, just a
>CR, it is necessary.  The server ignores "blank" lines, so $do_command
>will *not* be called with an argstr of "" when a CR by itself is entered.
>Try it -- program $do_command with something like "notify(player,
>"$do_command); return 0;" and try some blank lines, either just a CR or
>some spaces and then a CR.  You won't get any output.

I've managed to solve this problem by stripping off the lines, then
force_input()ing them to be the next command processed, and then letting
them pass through.  I checked to see whether the entire text was a blank
line and, if so, shoved "CRLF" into the buffer instead.

Here's the code for anyone interested:

.program #333:do_command
if (caller != #-1)
elseif (!connection_option(player, "binary"))
  set_connection_option(player, "binary", 1);
  force_input(player, argstr, 1);
  return 1;
elseif (length(decode_binary(argstr)) == 1)
  return 0;
  "parse it normally";
  while (i = min(index(argstr, "~0A~0D") || index(argstr, "~0D~0A"),
index(argstr, "~0D~0A") || index(argstr, "~0A~0D")))
    if (i == 1)
      force_input(player, "CRLF");
      argstr[0..6] = "";
      force_input(player, strsub(argstr[1..i - 1], "~7E", "~"));
      argstr[0..i + 5] = "";
    suspend(0); /* suspend OK here because we won't be passing this on
anyway */
return 1;

- -manta
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