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[ Instaling ANSI Code]

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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:01:50 PST
From: "Denis Altieri de O. Moraes" <>
To: moolist <>
Subject: Instaling ANSI Code
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Hello all
	I did try to install the ANSI code, all the verbs was dumped
correctly (I used the ANSI.moo arquive), with no errors.

	But when I execute the final steps, the MOO said to me that I have
to modify the core by hand changing the <----- ESCAPE -----> string for
the ASCII caracter 27 and the <----- BEEP -----> for 7. I do that, rerun
the verbs but it not works.

	I dont know what to do now, some help? I'm runing the 1.8.0p5


					Denis Altieri

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                   Denis Altieri - Estatistica - UFRGS
        Voce pode me encontrar no 7777 - MadMax -
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