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[ Re: PANIC: Caught signal 11]

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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 15:24:07 PST
To: "Dr. Rob Higgins" <>
From: Eric Mercer <>
Subject: Re: PANIC: Caught signal 11
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You might try installing the pAS9 patch, which makes the MOO a bit more
forgiving when it comes to telnet programs.  The telnet included with
Windows is notoriously sucky.  What that says about "standard Windows"
programs, is a question left to the student.   :-)

You can find that server patch at Alex Stewart's Patch Repository (he's
also the "AS" in the patch name, since he wrote it).  Try:

At Diversity University MOO we find it especially useful for fixing
backspace problems people with lousy telnet clients typically report.
Incidentally, the 1.8.0p6 version of the server makes some changes that
were supplied by the 1.7.9 version of the pAS9 patch, and were therefore
left out of the 1.8.0 version of the pAS9 patch.  It might be that
upgrading to 1.8.0p6, which you should do anyway, will fix the particular
problem you are reporting.


At 04:39 AM 3/21/97 PST, Dr. Rob Higgins wrote:
>Another ongoing problem, when it is accepting connections,
>is that it seems to give problems to users of standard
>Windows telnet programs. It seems that the same user
>can connect ok with any MUD/MOO client, but when using
>telnet from Windows the first screen appears but the 
>connect command doesn't work. Sometimes it is a matter
>having the users turn on local echo, because they are
>just not seeing what they are typing, but in other cases
>the connection can't be made.

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