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Someone ate my *.db

This is a strange situation for this strange question.
I was mucking about with my Unix server... not moving anything at
random, but just checking out my moo directory and considering moving
from 1.7.X to 1.8.  Nothing serious.  I noticed that there was a version
of my *.db, moise.db in both directories, but that the dates associated
with them were March 16 and March 20 respectively.  But my Moo IS
running!  When I ran ps -umoo, I was told that it was running and saving
the db to  But I couldn't find it.

I typed in find / -name '' -print and got nothing but these two
oldies noted above. 

I shutdown the moo and looked for it.  No luck.

Any ideas?  This is only a major catastrophy, not a terminal one, as
this is not a production Moo, yet.  But I can't have this continuing
when we open soon enough.

TIA for all comments.


D. Jason Nolan
Department of Curriculum
Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education
University of Toronto
(416)923-6641 x2528

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