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Re: verbing properties (Bb's call)

At 20:48 4/1/96,  (Seth I. Rich) wrote:
>  function set_property_value(OBJ object, STR property-name, value)
>  Sets <object>.<property-name> to <value>, if it exists and is
>  writable with the programmer's permissions, else returns E_PERM
>  or E_PROPNF or E_INVIND as appropriate.  Handles built-in

Would this solve the problem ?
... else raise E_PERM  or E_PROPNF or E_INVIND...

so set_property_value(me, "description", E_PERM) => return E_PERM
and set_property_value(me, "location", E_PERM) => raise E_PERM

Since all verb should be +d, only catching the error would be needed :-)

Just my $0.02 to a very good idea... (I guess all those who played with MO
got to the same conclusion as Seth :-)


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    -- Bill Gates, 1981

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