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Re: @@who

>This is the listing I have ffor #20:connection_hostname_bsd
> 1:  "Takes the output from connection_name() and returns just the host string 
>portion of it.  Assumes you are using bsd_network style connection names.";
> 2:  s = args[1];
> 3:  return strsub($string_utils:explode(s)[3], ",", "") || "";

According to the ChangeLog.txt file, which should have come with your server,
this verb should be reprogrammed as:

s = args[1];
m = match(s, "^.* %(from%|to%) %([^, ]+%)");
return m ? substitute("%2", m) | "";

This is not your fault.  The LambdaMOO wizards need to kick ourselves into
gear and get a 1.8-compatible Core ready for release.

Seth / Blackbriar
Seth I. Rich -
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