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Re: case sensitivity with set_property_info()

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Brack wrote:

> I tried to set_property_info() a property on me to rename it with the same
> name, but different cases, but it didn't seem to work: I typed in this:
> @prop me.crazy
> Property added with value 0.
> ;properties(me)
> => {"crazy"}
> and tried this:
> ;set_property_info(me,"crazy",{me,"r","CrAzY"})
> => 0
> ;properties(me)
> => {"crazy"}
> I tried this on 2 MOOs running 1.8.0p2.. shouldn't renaming a property be
> allowed to change the case on it since set_verb_info() allows you to do this.

But a property named "CrAzY" is indistiguishable from a property named
"crazy" -- it's not case sensitive as far as identification goes.  (Even
though the property name can contain different case characters..) So the
built-in decides that you're not actually doing anything, and so doesn't
do anything... 

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