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Re: Verbing properties

It seems to me that this 'verbing properties' thing is a bad workaround for
a server design bug.
As I understand the proposition(s), the idea is not to have the verb
actually _do_ anything to the property data it accesses, but merely to
control access to it.
As such, it's a workaround for the far-too-coarse controls on property
access (r or !r, owner or non-owner, .wizard==1 or 0). And IMHO it's not a
good workaround, for the reasons others have already mentioned. There's a
distinction between static data structures (properties) and program code
(verbs) for a reason.
A better workaround might be to add more attributes to properties - perhaps
a list of players who can read them, or a list of groups of players who can
read them. Even an owner/group/public-read/write permissions mechanism such
as UNIX uses would, while still not being excellent, probably remove the
need for this 'verbing properties'.

Matthew Sanderson
The Australian National University, Canberra.

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