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Re: Does the new LambdaMOO core support Web?

--- Ray Reaux wrote:
I am trying to keep logs of conversations in rooms.
Would it be easier to modify a generic_db object or a news object
to hold that information for later dumping into a file.
Also, what object actually handles writing to files, i.e.,
for dumping during checkpointing.  If anyone has implemented
this or can point me to the code, that would make things easier.
I am running on a 1.7.9p4 server.
--- end of quoted material ---
Hmm.  Tricky.  The thing is, dumping is not handled by a particular object. 
Every now and then (by default) the server itself saves a copy of everything to
the drive.  If you had, say, a very large $note that kept the log, it would get
dumped too.  However, it will all be dumped into the same file.  You have a
couple of options that I can think of.  #1 open a network connection to an ftp
daemon, say, and upload through that.  You could also have it mail it to you. 
#2.  Save it in the .db file with some funky comments at the beginning and end,
then use a program running in Unix to extract that log.  Either way it will be
a pain to implement, and probably too hard.  Why do you need it in a separate
file?  Would in-db be good enough?


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