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Tiny bug.

   Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 05:06:09 PDT
   From: (Richard Godard)

   >        I was looking throught the changelog and noticed in the 1.7.9alpha1
   >section, Pavel enabled create() to allow kids of #-1. This works fine, but
   >the problem is children(#-1) returns E_INVARG. No big deal, I easily patched
   >it with #0:bf_children.

   Depends of the interpretation. If you consider objects which parent is #-1
   as being object without parent (root of an object tree) then children(#-1)
   returns E_INVARG is consistent.

I tend to agree with Richard here.  Would you also change it so that
#-1.contents shows you everything with .location==#-1?

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