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Re: Guests on the MOO

In message <Pine.3.89.9604101708.A29633-0100000@acf2.NYU.EDU> "Brian E. Murfin" 
> Many thanks to the people who responded on the issue of MOO security.  
> I've got another question:  Because our MOO will be used by secondary 
> school students, we need to provide a secure and safe environment.  I 
> would like to only allow guests to look, access help, and navigate 
> through the MOO.  All other commands would be disabled for visitors.  What 
> would be the easiest and most secure way of doing this?

I've seen most educational-type MOOs @chparent $guest to $player.  If you want 
@join/@go, you can @copy it from Frand's PC or where-ever it is. :)

 - Charles 'Hackberry' Willgren
 (Forest: 8888)
 (Digital Wasteland: 8888)

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