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Re: server panic under 1.8.0p3

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Brack wrote:

> It seems when another wiz on my moo typed the following command:
> ; $ = 3;
> the moo panicked (signal 11). I was unable to repeat this, so I checked out
> his .eval_env which read:
> => "me=player;here=player.location;;newobject=#751;"
> when I copied it to myself and tried that eval the moo crashed. #751 was a
> valid object.
> Btw, this also crashes on WinMOO 0.1.0beta1. (#751 wasn't valid on the db I
> was using there but it still worked)

	I don't think that object number has any relation to it at all, but 
I could be wrong.  I tried typing just the ;$=3 part and sure enough, the 
second time it was done, everything crashed.
	Another observation, this might've happen under p3, I'm running p2, 
and it did the same.  I'm assuming it's something in the whole 1.8 

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