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Re: Operators

>>>>> "Jefferson" == Jefferson M Dubrule <> writes:

    Jefferson> I've been planning to add it to DartMOOth.  I've got a
    Jefferson> short document explaining it.  Now what would be even
    Jefferson> cooler, would be to have "x = foo + bar" call
    Jefferson> foo:_plus(bar), and store the result in foo.  I was
    Jefferson> working on that, however, I was stumped by the concept
    Jefferson> of "temporary objects", and finally gave up.  A shame,
    Jefferson> though, I would have liked the functionality.

    Jefferson> -manta

C++ has the idea of a "copy constructor" and uses it to instantiate
temporary objects on the stack frame of the currently active
procedure.  These objects have their destructor invoked when that
procedure exits, since that is the end of the lifespan of the
temporary object.

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