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Re: anonymity in moos


An interesting example to note, although it might not be a proper analogy 
in context, is the WorldMOO example.  Sometime before it closed the 
archwiz decided to make .email_address +r.  The players, and quite a few 
wizards had a fit.  Some proggers even quickly made a listing of them all 
and offered to sell them.  One of the reasons, as I recall, given by the 
archwiz at the time was that, "Hey, it isn't a gurantee, the only reason 
every other MOO does it is because Lambda does it and/or because the core 
ships that way" (paraphrase).  It did pose an interesting situation 
though for all involved.  (This isn't a world slam btw...just an example).

The difference here seems to be that you are giving the players a voice 
in the decision, which is good.  Some of the concerns that come to mind 
howerver are:  What happens when suddenly anonymity is lost?  What means 
of protection are left for the would-be ingrate that logs in just to 
harass, especially when a line such as rl email (is that an oxymoron? :) 
harassment cannot be stopped by wizardly intervention such as toading and 
newting, or color listing of the harasser's connect sites?  While 
everyone (should be) taught that logging onto anything through the 
"internet" implies a certain risk of information being made publically 
available, MOO's in the past have seemed to try to preserve as much of 
the "player"'s RL identity as possible.  

I think what it all boils down to is "what purpose would it serve" to 
make that information available.  With a lot of players having multiple 
e-mail accounts and connect sites, the threat of losing one of them or 
more doesn't seem to ominous.  Especially on MOOs with open player 
creation when a problem person can just create a new one from a spare 
account.  Perhaps making it player settable?  Ah well, just a few 
ramblings, but I hope you post the results of this to the list.

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