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RE: Does the new LambdaMOO core support Web?

> I am trying to keep logs of conversations in rooms.
> Would it be easier to modify a generic_db object or a news object
> to hold that information for later dumping into a file.

Use $biglist.  It's specifically made for holding large lists (which
conversation logs will most likely be).  Note that the usual
  lst = {@lst, next_line}
repeated over and over actually takes time QUADRATIC in the ultimate
size of the list (because each assignment is copying all of LST).

$generic_db is arguably misnamed, given all of the uses people have for
the term "DB".  $generic_dictionary or $generic_trie would be a better

> Also, what object actually handles writing to files, i.e.,
> for dumping during checkpointing.

checkpointing is entirely internal and inaccessible in the vanilla MOO. 
$ftp is a good idea.  The other canonical method is to write a verb to
:notify_lines() the text you want and then rig a client to connect,
invoke the verb, and pipe what it gets to a file.

Hacking the server or doing anything that depends on DB file format
(which is only sparsely documented and likely to change) is a less good

> Another question I have is how to set up the domain of access to
> a MOO.  I used @make-player to create a character for someone
> outside the immediate domain and I receive a message indicating that
> it could not create/send mail since the account was not allowed as
> an acceptable host (or some such).  The character is created, however.
> I have checked the various black/grey/redlists.

Random notes:  the hostname of someone's email address and the hostname
from which s/he can actually make TCP connections need not have anything
to do with each other.  The various $login foo-lists deal only with one
or the other

  TCP connections
       random assholes can connect from this site;
       prohibit `create'(*) and guest connections
       dangerous random assholes who may have installed
       Trojan Horses in our DB can connect from this site;
       prohibit all connections
       this site was once black-listed or red-listed;
       put a * in the @@who listing
       assholes can create arbitrary email addresses at this site; 
       prohibit automatic fulfillment of `@request'

(*) There's some confusion in LambdaCore due to the fact that LambdaMOO
was administered in different ways at different times.  It used to be
that any random person could do `create' at the welcome screen to
immediately get a character.  This eventually changed and we started
requiring email-addresses.  Thus various commands (like $login:create
and $wiz:@toad! [@toad AND blacklist all sites to keep the player from
coming back]) became obsolete.

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