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[newbie] Checkpointing failure.


I have a question that is scaring me.  My moo is not checkpointing
properly, and the dump is not taking place.  This started on April 10
when I restarted the Moo.  Obviously the Moo doesn't have permission to
write to the directory that it wants to use for its temporary dump.
Could this have been because ownership of the files in the directory
were changed from root to moo (I did do this) after the moo was
restarted (I'm not sure when I changed ownership)? 

Apr 11 10:47:31: CHECKPOINTING on ...
Apr 11 10:47:31: *** Opening temporary dump file: Permission denied

I don't want to touch anything, as I've made a lot of changes in the
past weeks and they're hanging by a thread.

I'm using 1.7.9p2 on a rusty old RS/6k.

Thanks in advance for considering my dilemma.


"a wiz-like none hierarchical avitar"
D. Jason Nolan
Department of Curriculum
Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education
University of Toronto
(416)923-6641 x2528


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