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Darren Ellis writes:
> 2.  Where is the FAQ for this list?

Here's the squib sent to everyone who joins this list:

The MOO-Cows mailing list is intended for the discussion of issues related to
programming, administration, and server hacking, all within the context of the
LambdaMOO server.  Many files related to the LambdaMOO server, including the
archives of this mailing list and the official distributions of the server
itself and the LambdaCore `starter' database, can be found by browsing

In particular, you should pick up and read a copy of the LambdaMOO Programmer's
Manual from there:{txt,ps}

You should also take a look at the official MOO-Cows Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, you may also be interested in looking at the MOO-Calves home page, for
newbie MOO wizards:

Consulting these sources and the online `help' system of your MOO first will
improve the general level of the conversation on the mailing list.


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