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[MOO-COWS] archive back online -- new URL

As you all might be aware, the MOO-Cows mailing list archive that I've been
hosting has been down for like the past 4 weeks because of a dumbass-attack
on the part of the system adminstrator.  As such, it's been redone from
scratch, is all up to date (as of 3/96) and has moved (to a machine that I
have greater control over).  This means, of course, that you will have to
update your links to point to the new location.

The old location was:

Which now 1) doesn't exist, and 2) is inaccessible (all I'm willing to say
is that you really should make backups of the filesystems just in case, oh,
say they crash).  The new address, being served by E_MOO, is:

This URL actually redirects you to the real location.  I've done it this way
so that if I have to move it again, it will still be accessible from the
same place.  Please, any links to it (including your bookmarks) should be to, and not to where it redirects you.

I *will* be adding a search function to it in the next few days because I'm
not happy with the results I get from the general web indexers.


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