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At 11:24 AM 4/17/96 PDT, Darren Ellis wrote:
>I have recently installed MOO 1.80pl3 and LambdaCORE.  Before I commit to 
>many hours of study and coding, I have couple of questions:
>1.  Is there a freely available combat/RPG database or system available 

Yes...  It's almost done, and I have a method for updating your core, so if
you want to get an alpha copy, you can get the newer ones without having to
start over...  Until I finish everything I want and go to beta, you will
have to mail me in order to get the core...  I also I think it's about time
I posted the stuff I've done so far:  (if ya don't like da spam, read no

- Kipp

Alpha4.9 -----

- Added copyright notice.  (sez me lawyer)
- Fixed bug where nighttime dark rooms displayed 2 descriptions.
- Fixed bug where ROOT's login occasionally wouldn't ask MOO things upon first
- Updated core to work with HEX codes -- specifically using encode_binary()
   instead of raw strings.
- Added a few immortal's informational verbs such as .cia, seniority, .age,
   .look, .show, .sweep and .find
- Players only need to enter their password once per distributed host MOO, per
   server MOO.

Alpha5 -----

- Completely rewrote wielding and wearing methods.  inventory and equipment
   are stored seperately (as are the commands 'i*nventory' and 'eq*uipment')
   YOU MUST READ 'help rpg' to see the things you must do differently to
   create weapons and equipment.
- $enemy:look_self uses expanded format, like $room, when toggled ON.
- Added a 'godlist' command.
- Added '.weapon' command to toggle equipment's weapon flag, and added
   '.peace' '.dark' '.inside' and '.outside' for modifying room flags.
- Added '.rename-exit .rexit' for renaming exits.
- Changed checkpoint message to be more informational and less goofy.
- Added a hack to bf_set_verb_code, that changes all .props to :_props()
- Added line-at-a-time code to the beginning of the login screen... it
   seems to be clearing up all the problems that 1.8.0 caused
  (and 1.7.9p2 didn't)   *** WHEE!!!
- Reorganized most of the properties on $rpg
- Modified the attack code to work with multi-weilding
- Coins now have weight
- All offensive words spoken in the main room are converted to offensive
   politician's names.  (this is a joke, OK?  I don't necessairily
   hate theese people...  it was Scott Adams' suggestion :))
- Help logs all failed help attempts...  This will remain until I finish
   the help.

Alpha6 -----

- Finished a simple mail system with unarchived mailing lists.
- Added 2 room flags:  PRIVATE and NO_MOB.  PRIVATE currently has no
   function except to flag that a room belongs to a god.  NO_MOB
   makes it so enemies (aka 'mobiles') can't wander into the room.
- Moved many non-informational commands to the $enemy, so that gods
   may force the enemy to 'get <weapon>' and then 'wield <weapon>'
- Enhanced the $network so that $distrib works better with dynamic
   IP sites, such as a SLIP or PPP line.  The network still remains
   compatable with ALL older versions, however, there is no way to
   know if dynamic IP's will work well with the older versions
   connected to new ones.
- Fixed misc. invisibility problems
- Enemies may now sleep.
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