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Re: panic from $player:recycle

At 08:18 PM 4/17/96 PDT, Pavel Curtis wrote:
> writes:
>> Apr 17 09:37:21: *** PANIC: Caught signal 11
>> Apr 17 09:37:21: #6:recycle (this == #1816), line 18:  server panic
>> Apr 17 09:37:21: (End of traceback)
>I can't help with this unless either (a) you can reliably reproduce it on a
>database to which I either have or can get access, or (b) you can send me the C
>stack trace from the core file this panic should have produced.
>	Pavel

well, i figured out what it was, it was on a lambdacore, to be sure, and I
had recycle() protected with $server_options.protect_recycle, and i had a
$bf_recycle() that looked like this:

return caller_perms().wizard ? recycle(@args) | $recycler:_recycle(@args);

when i typed ;recycle(me) as two non-wiz characters it panicked.
it was an older core (1oct94) that didn't check if the object is actually a
player like the newer core does.

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