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Re: Big strings => panic

>On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Matthew Sanderson wrote:
>> It seems MOO server 1.7.8p4 panics when a string gets extremely long (I'm
>> not sure exactly how long, but I would guess LONG long).
>> foo = " ";
>> while(1)
>>   foo = foo + foo;
>>   $command_utils:suspend_if_needed(0);
>> endwhile
>It's not a "bug" per se, nor is it something easily fixed.
>What happens is simply that when a variable (list or string) gets very 
>large, the server runs out of memory.  (The process hits a process-memory 
>limit, the memory manager is unable to allocate a contiguous block of 
>memory large enough, in extreme cases the swap space is exhausted.)  When 
>the server runs out of memory, it panics -- and in this case probably 
>produces one *very large* panic dump.

This was successfully to deliberately crash our MOO.  Very annoying!


Tom Ritchford,

Verge's "Little Idiot" -- Music for the mentally peculiar.


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