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On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Robert Knapp wrote:

> I was wondering if there's a way i can use control characters in strings 
> on 1.7.9p2 of LambdaMOO. I'm holding off upgrading to 1.8.* for awhile, 
> so if there's a patch i can use for 1.7.9, id appreciate the info. Thanks.
Yes, there is a way.  In 1.7.x (and probably 1.8.0 too) you can put control
characters in strings and send them out via notify() just like any other
characters, the only problem is getting them into your database.  There are
three ways to do this:

  1) Make a property for each of the characters you want to enter and set
them to a string that you can is easily distinguishable from the rest of
the database.  Shutdown the MOO and load the database into an editor (if
you're using the restart script that comes with the server, be sure to edit
the and not the .db).  Find each of the properties that you created
and change the line containing the string you set them to, to the character
you want to use.  Then save the file and restart the MOO.

  2) Install the chr() patch (I think it's at the official patch repository)
and use it to create the property.

  3) Instead FUP and create a text file for each of the characters you wish
to create and put them in the FUP directory.  Put the character in the file
with your favorite editor and then load them into the MOO with something
like this: (warning, I haven't tested this code and I don't remember exactly
how FUP works)
    ;$escape = file_read("", "escape.chr")[1];

Once you have the characters in the database, you might want to consider
using my ANSI system to control them.  The URLs for it are in the message I
just sent.


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