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Re: RAM usage limits

On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Justin C Harris wrote:

> 	Would it be possible to have another small task running in the
> background that keeps up with the MOO's total usage, then if the MOO's
> usage grows by 10-15 megs (or by a set number on $server_options) in a 
> very short time, it could take the necessary action to find the specific 
> process and kill it? 
> 					Justin Harris
That would be a wee bit laggy, as Pavel has made it very clear that he 
will not be doing anything about this as it is not a server bug. 
The best solution is that if a site develops this problem is to monitor 
evals with out informing people. True people could use self deleting 
verbs, but in sever cases security could be tightened (might be difficult 
in a site as big as Lambda but hey). 


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