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Re: RAM usage limits

Justin C Harris wrote:

> numbers, to see if there was a huge difference. e.g. The next server
> maintainer could add a mem_check() function, which would return the
> amount of memory the MOO is using (btw, that would be a great function

I have a builtin I wrote, proc_size(), which returns the current moo process size (main task, not the lookups)
HOWEVER, it is dependant on the /proc virtual file system provided by *NIX. Works great on my Linux system tho. 

Freely available, just ask.


for that matter, here is a list of all my builtins:

xor                  - Logical XOR
us_time              - Time to nearest microsecond  (*NIX)
proc_size            - Main MOO process size (*NIX)
nprogs               - Number of programmed verbs in the current db
random_of            - Random item from a list
remove_duplicates    - Remove duplicate items from a list
enlist               - returns a list. Either args[1] or {args[1]}, depending.

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