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The IART MOOnument: Pueblo Enhancing a MOO

I belong to a project group in the Multimedia Master's program at
California State Univerisity, Hayward that is currently working on an
interactive art piece that has a MOO as one of its components.

The idea is to enhance the MOO with rich data types (audio, VRML, etc.)
and also tie it to real-time data outputs and inputs to and from a
"monument" -- a real-world interactive sculpture.

We would like to use Chaco's Pueblo ( as the MOO's
preferred client because of its support for multimedia data types.

I have seen several good examples of Pueblo-enhanced MOOs: Athena
University, RiverMOO, Snow, and Wax. I was wondering if anyone can supply
information (or pointers to such) on how Pueblo-enhancement was
implemented: how the MOO was programmed to identify Pueblo clients, how it
provides for both hypertext and non-hypertext presentations, etc.

I have read the docs at the Pueblo site on how to Pueblo-enhance a server.
What I'm interested in is how these guidelines have been specifically
applied to a MOO.

The home page for the IART project is at

Jomo {John Moir} ::
Multimedia Masterís Degree Program, California State University, Hayward

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