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Another solution to the queued task problem is to only limit those who
are causing a problem.  On LambdaMOO prior to 1.7.9, we had a task
similar to the clock, except that it didn't kill tasks.  It notified
all connected wizards whenever any person had more than 100 tasks.
This permitted us to take action before a forkbomb had many iterations
to build up tasks.  (Again taking advantage of LambdaMOO lag---the
forkbomber gets lagged earlier than on a less loaded moo.)  It's
#50002 on LambdaMOO; I'm too lazy to @dump now.  Perhaps someone else
can take the time to post the code.  But the notification part could
be easily changed to kill all tasks of the particular user who was
causing the problem, rather than wantonly killing all tasks.

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