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LambdaMOO stalling on startup?

Hi all, I've got a plagueing problem.
The SELL game MOO has been running without much trouble
since last summer using 1.7.8p4 -- although from time
to time the two cooperating processes, shoppers and storekeepers,
would mysteriously hang. We tracked and traced our brains out, and
came to the somewhat desperate conclusion that something was timing
out somewhere, and we could possibly fix it by bumping up the
tick limits.

As you all probably know, bumping the ticks requires a change
to options.h and recompiling. So, here's what has happened.

1. I downloaded a copy of LambdaMOO-1.8.0p4.tar
2. Did all the usual things:
        > tar xvf LambdaMOO-1.8.0p4.tar
        > sh configure
        > edited options.h, increasing the four tick values
                and the stack depth by a factor of 5
        > make
3. Step #2 took a couple of tries because the "sh configure"
        didn't like the compiler. Finally I found a Sparc10
        to compile on
4. Moved the "moo" and "restart" files to the SparcStation330
        where the MOO lives
5. Launched the MOO and watched the new "mooname.log" file
6. Watched and watched and watched.

What happens is:

1. the MOO starts up and reads the object (a mere 111469,
        that's not a lot, is it?)
2. the MOO starts validating the object hierarchies
        a. it takes a minute to "check for invalid objects"
        b. another minute to "check for cycles"
        c. and then ...

Apr 23 00:32:22: VALIDATE: Phase 3: Check for inconsistencies ...
Apr 23 00:32:55: VALIDATE: Done through #10000 ...
Apr 23 00:33:16: VALIDATE: Done through #20000 ...
Apr 23 00:34:28: VALIDATE: Done through #30000 ...
Apr 23 00:36:38: VALIDATE: Done through #40000 ...
Apr 23 00:39:47: VALIDATE: Done through #50000 ...
Apr 23 00:43:53: VALIDATE: Done through #60000 ...
Apr 23 00:48:59: VALIDATE: Done through #70000 ...
Apr 23 00:54:57: VALIDATE: Done through #80000 ...

and that's where it stalls -- forever.

The real plague is that, working on the theory that 1.8.0p4
was somehow to blame. I went back to my saved copy of
LambdaMOO-1.7.8p4.tar and did steps #2-#6 above. And the
same thing happens. Now I'm really stuck because I can't go
forward and I can't go back either.

Ideas, anybody?

Brian M. Slator, The Institute for the Learning Sciences    
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