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At 02:35 PM 4/24/96 PDT, Fozzie wrote:
>	Evening Folks,

Strange, I'm getting this in the afternoon? hehe. anyway...

>  I noticed that there has been recent intrest in where the FUP extension 
>for the MOO is located.  There was one site that was given, and well, 
>when I went it was not there.  I went to Xerox, and it appears not to be 
>there.  Unless it was not intuitively named (*FUP*) or I just missed it, 
>I can not believe in it's existance.   If it does exist, could someone 
>please inform me as to it's location.  (Some of us can't upgrade to 
>1.8.0p?? since it uses too much CPU time.)
>	-ED

I don't think it's at Xerox, I address I have for it (which I just tried now
and it worked) is

if you don't have web access you can use ftp in the same directory.


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