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On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Guilherme Ramos wrote:

> Taking the same trail of the recently FUP questions, I would like to know 
> if the words contained into the FUP README file...
> "Additionally, file read/write operations are allowed only over the directory
> subtree rooted at the 'base directory', called 'files' by default, and
> execute operations are allowed only from the directory called 'bin' by 
> default."
> ...means that that directories must be created in the *root* directory. 
> Or: What if I don't have means to obtain a root password? Can't use FUP?
> TXs
> -G=]<-
'subtree rooted at the base directory', the *base* directory is 
selected by an option in the file.c source (near top). This *base* 
directory is then treated by the MOO as a kind of 'root', -ie it can not 
move back up the directory tree... and yes, the base directory could be 
the OS' idea of root if you so desired.



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