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Guilherme writes:
> My doubt is:
> How I redirect the output of that program to a file? Maybe thus I can use 
> fileread() to display the everchange output... (am I wrong??)

You need to have your UNIX process write to a file that is accessible from
the MOO.  This is usually accomplished with  >filename which directs output
to a particular file.

For example, on my MOO, I have an object that permits the entry of an SQL query.
This object takes the SQL query and writes it to an external file and then calls
an external PERL script that sends the query to a Sybase database along with
instructions to take the output and write to a file within the directory that
I've designated as accessible from the MOO. Once the external file has been
created, the object uses :fileread() to bring the information into the MOO.

So, to answer your question "am I wrong??" - the answer is: no, you are right :)
Just figure out how to get your UNIX process to write to the appropriate file.


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