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name lookup problems (was open_net_conn prob)

Hi all,

First thanks to Raptor for answering my prev question.

I have a problem with open_network_connection returning E_INVARG for symbolic adresses (not num IP). Raptor suggested the problem was with the name resolving stuff on the machine I'm running the MOO on.
So I talked to the sysadmin. He meant he had complaints like this before (for the machine in question) and that I should use a certain libc_p.a patch for the libc.a library.
Which I TRIED to do. However, when I use that the compilation fails:

options.h:245: #error You cannot use BSD sockets without having select()!
*** Error code 1

(yes, there is no sys/seelct.h header file...)

Which is a problem I had before when using cc to compile. With gcc it doesn't happen. My guess is that that's because gcc doesn't use libc.a (or libc_p.a for that matter) but libgcc.a instead. So when I explicitly link with libc_p.a, problems occur again although using gcc.

Here's the uname output for my system: SunOS sirio 4.1.2 1 sun4c

What on earth do I do ??

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Jasminko aka C2@CulturelinkMOO

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