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Re: 'strip'ing MOO executables

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Justin Harris wrote:

> We're running a MOO on Linux box, and the sys admin wants me to strip the
> moo executables... he said it removes the debugging code, but I don't know
> what kind of effect it'll have on the MOO. Anyone know what will happen
> if your strip the moo and restart exe's? What's the benefits/bad things
> that could happenn?
> 					Justin Harris
> 					Rebel

	Nothing happens.

		...discards all symbols from the object files objfile.  The 
		list of object files may include archives.  At least one object file 
		must be given.

	Basically, you're removing excess data from the executable, empty 
strings, debugging strings.  This will make your executable much smaller, 
more compact, and in some cases faster.  As far as the MOO goes, you 
won't see any effects of this at all.

	Junkie's 'R' Us


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