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Re: DBfixes.txt file

On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Jason Warren wrote:

> >	Anyone agree that there should be a dbfixes.txt file >that's tarred in
> when the LambdaCore? This file could have the >simple fixes for the Oct '94
> and Dec '95 DB's that get asked so >frequently on this mailing list and on
> MOOs. (i.e. fixes include >making $server_options, fixing
> $network:raw_sendmail, >$generic_editor:ok, etc.). Anyway, it's just a
> suggestion. 
> >					Justin Harris 
> How about instead of having to retar the whole thing, just add it in the
> moo papers directory or in the core directory. It will save some time on
> having to repack it every time you see a problem. 
Basically I meant it could be included in the next release (by Paval or the
next maintainer) 

BTW, re-taring it shouldn't be a problem, one command will re-tar the 
whole thing.


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