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[ Re: Memory leak?]

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Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 22:59:08 +0300
From: Gustavo Glusman <>
Subject: Re: Memory leak?
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yduJ writes:
>I have noticed that running 1.8.0p6 I seem to be having increasing
>memory sizes.  Measuring over a two week period, LambdaMOO went from
>339,152,896 bytes on April 23 to 414,560,256 this morning.  It looks
>like if I were to graph it it would be a pretty straight line.  Is
>there a possibility that 1.8.0p6 has a new leak?  Has anyone else
>noticed climbing memory use?

The following is a message I sent to the Xerox-based moo-cows on 28/3/97,
but never got through -

So I finally got around to upgrade BioMOO to 1.8.0p6, still with FUP 1.8,
minus another extension that we don't need anymore - and the main
difference I see is that -running the same database- 1.8.0p6 takes
significantly more memory than 1.8.0p5.
Startup memory under 1.8.0p5+FUP1.8+otherstuff: 28808 K
Startup memory under 1.8.0p6+FUP1.8:            30760 K
Increase: 1952 K, or about 6.8%

Restarting again with 1.8.0p5, it returns to the 28.8 meg size. Back to
1.8.0p6 it raises again to 30.7 meg.

I still have to let it run for a while to see if it still leaks memory as
it used to...

Sadly, the answer to the latter question is - yes.

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