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MOO Source-level Debugger server hack

MOO Source-Level Debugger support server patch:

A patch to the 1.8.0p6 LambdaMOO server which provides a series of
built-in functions (a superset of the Direct Stack Access extensions
announced here some time ago) which provide the functions needed to
implement a source-level debugger in the MOO server with little

This patch has been tested on what I consider to be a representative
sample of MOO verbs, including all MOO constructs and various nestings
of MOO constructs, but is *definitely pre-production*.  It includes
some fairly substantial changes, particularly to the MOO decompiler,
and there may be bugs lurking in it that I have not discovered.  

For those interested in experimenting with this patch and/or trying to
break it in odd ways I haven't thought of:


For more information, visit:


The instructions and documentation are in the tar file and on the web

Thank you,

--Nicholas Ingolia

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