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plug-ins: haves and have-nots

Just to address a concern that might come up: I don't have any
intention of making dynamic loading a prerequisite operating system
feature for MOO.  As far as I'm concerned, the API for dynamic loading
should be pretty much the same as that for static extensions.  So you
will be able to "plug in" your plug-in at compile time if you can't do
it at load time.

In fact, I suspect most uses of "dynamic loading" will be just like
static binding (that is, they'll happen before the database is loaded
and will last indefinitely); the only difference is that they won't
require an edit and recompile.  If there's a new built-in function
that allows loading in mid-run, then that'll still be basically the
same, but it'll allow you to eliminate the restart as well as the

All this applies only to the UNIX version that I maintain; static
linking relies on the availability of source code (or at least object
files), which I think aren't provided by the authors of WinMOO and
MacGoesMOO.  On the other hand, those platforms definitely have
dynamic loading, so why would you care?


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