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Re: Plugin interface

> > Would it be reasonable to put these in the plug-in directory?  So,
> > you would have something like (the plug-in library) and FUP.cfg
> > (the configuration file)?
> My idea had been to have a configuration file called plugin.conf or
> something similar in the same directory as the server.

I'd suggest "the same directory as the database".  It should be possible to 
run multiple MOOs from the same server binary; in fact, that's one of the 
advantages of plug-ins.

Actually it might make sense just to have the config file's name and location 
specified in the command line, just as the database file is.

An alternative would be to store the config information in the database file 
itself.  In this case you'd probably want to have a config-only mode (or add 
it to emergency wizard mode, or compile a separate binary, or whatever) for 
modifying it so you don't have to start up the whole system just to tweak a 

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