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Memory Leak?

I was browsing through the LambdaMOO 1.7.8p4 source, and I seem to have 
come across a memory leak.

Would somebody be kind enough to double check and let me know if it is 
indeed a memory leak or not?

in tasks.c, the function do_command_task(), the last 'else' section, and 
I quote the pertinant code:

        else {
            Var result, args;
            args = parse_into_wordlist(command);

*should* have the last section read:


I checked to see if the lack of free_var(args) would in fact cause a
memory leak, and it does seem to.  Past life regression therapy reveals:

The function parse_into_wordlist() has:

    args = new_list(argc);

and the function new_list() has:

    new.v.list = (Var *) mymalloc((size + 1) * sizeof (Var), M_LIST);

which is never released, unless you call free_var(args).

There is one further syntactical type patch I would do:

in tasks.c, the function do_command_task():

        if (!parse_command(command, &pi))
            return 0;

should really read:

        if (!parse_command(command, &pi))
            free_pi(&pi, 0);
            return 0;

I backtracked this one, and it would *not* actually cause a memory leak, 
even though it might be better to call the free_pi() in any case.  Future 
patches/modifications might turn it into a memory leak.



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