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Re: Proposed change to the MOO-Cows mailing list (fwd)

I originally posted this to Pavel, as that is what he seemed to want, but 
perhaps it would be best to allow everyone to munch over the idea and 
discuss it, since I believe that to be the best way anyway.

Herewith the message.

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Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 11:11:07 +1200
From: Ian Macintosh <>
To: Pavel Curtis <>
Subject: Re: Proposed change to the MOO-Cows mailing list

On Tue, 16 May 1995, Pavel Curtis wrote:

> I recently received the following proposal for a change to the workings of the
> MOO-Cows mailing list:

I think the change would be positive in some, but not all instances.

I'd recommend, if possible, two mailing lists.  A new one for the digested
question/summary as proposed (possibly moderated?), and leave this one as 
it is.

The reason for leaving this one as it is, is because despite the s/n
ratio, it is often enlightning to read and think as a subject develops.

For example.  Thinking over your message, the idea crops up that perhaps
someone could dedicate a very small moo, maybe 5 - 10 core rooms maximum,
exceptionally stripped core, no programmers.  All that would be left is
talk/chat, mail and the capability to @dig 1 room per 'player' only, that
room to allow the owner to lock/unlock/accept/deny whoever.  Maybe the 
@dig is a good idea, maybe not.

As I said.  The idea just came up while typing the reply.  Not 
necessarily matured yet :)

It could function just like the mailing list does, except you log in and 
use @rn to read the mail.  You can be more selective that way.  Perhaps 
that would make it easier to add/delete mailing lists as you go too.

More ideas as I type :) Perhaps it could serve as the depository for
various patches as well.  ie.  @mail on *server-patches-descriptions would
give me the low-down on the patch, and @mail on *server-patches would show
me the patches themselves, and @netforward 14 on *server-patches would
send it to me. 

Just an idea :)



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